welcome to India’s Future Foundation

India’s future foundation is an educational foundation whose mission is to educate , train , and connect young leaders who believe ideas of free markets , entrepreneurship and limited government   . it was found by a visionary young people’s with the intention of advocating, promoting  and spreading the ideals of liberty in India and building Young leaders for India second freedom movement in India specifically works with the young people as we believe that young people have the potential to shape India’s future.


The mission of India’s Future Foundation is to identify, educate, train, and connect youth leaders committed to the principles of free markets, entrepreneurship and limited government.

 Our Aims

  • The organization’s main aim is to promote the ideas of freedom and entrepreneurship through educational channels. Our main tasks are:
  • conducting economic research that effects education and employment generation and Indian economy.
  • Promotion of the free market solutions in the India.
  • Education based on the philosophy of liberty
  • Support for the entrepreneurial solutions, and entrepreneurship in general
  • Educational activism among students and young entrepreneurs